Finance Offer

No Interest & No Repayments for 12 Months *conditions apply

  1. It is the perfect win-win-win situation You save time, hassles and in many cases you save more money.

  2. You win with the opportunity to build your dream home & pay no interest or repayments for 12 months.We win by increasing our business & seeing another happy customer’s dream become a reality.The bank wins by gaining your business.


  3. The short term benefits are significant

Just 5% deposit will get you started. Start your new home project now and lock in contract, labour and material costs at current prices which can save you money and sleepless nights. With no interest & no repayments for 12 months you can rest easy and enjoy your new lifestyle a lot earlier than you thought possible. No repayments for 12 months gives you the opportunity to save some extra cash or have extra money to decorate and furnish your new home. Either way your hard earned money is still in your hands while your new home will have already added value to your lifestyle. Contact us if you would like more information

Long term investment benefits

We’ve been building for over 40 years and in that time, history has shown the value of your home will certainly be higher in the future than it is today. So when you begin to actually pay for your new home it’s likely to have already increased in value. In the long term, you’re not just investing in your home, you’re investing in the future, your family and greater lifestyle. The best of all worlds. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and get started today.

An exceptional offer

Our no interest & no repayments for 12 months is a genuine finance offer. The reason we can make this special offer available to you (and no-one else has) is simple, our bankers know & trust us; through a strong relationship with our company built over 40 years. The benefit to our customers when comparing custom home builders, is our company is regarded as safe, strong and reliable by the leading financial institutions. To save you time, hassle and in many cases money, we have teamed up with our bankers and developed a finance package that is competitive and uncomplicated.

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